Watch now: Our Sustainable Development campaign summarised in 76 seconds

We have created an introductory video to explain the purpose of our sustainability project. Check it out here.

Raging bushfires, skyrocketing emissions and deepening inequalities: how is humanity meant to navigate an environment of such unrest and uncertainty? It is a wonderful time to be alive, but it’s an age when it is crucial to adopt change. Rather than turning a blind eye to the crisis we find ourselves in today – a perfectly human response – we must join forces to face these challenges head on.

That’s why we, here at Business Reporter, are committed to striving for a more sustainable world. One way we are doing that is to showcase positive examples of hope. Our new site, 17GlobalGoals, is inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to achieve missions such as reducing poverty, hunger, war, gender inequality, and climate change.

Positive initiatives are in place to build a better future for all. The purpose of our programme is to make sure examples of these are showcased, celebrated and used to encourage even more change. It’s time we took responsibility for our long-term impact on the planet we inhabit, and promote initiatives that do this successfully across global industries and companies.

17GlobalGoals is a platform to share stories that will inform and inspire customers, employees, investors and policy-makers to turn their focus on sustainability. After all, it’s more urgent now than ever.