17GlobalGoals.com is a website dedicated to sustainability and sustainable development.

It is published by Lyonsdown Ltd alongside a number of other specialist websites including business-reporter.co.uk (business news and analysis) and teiss.co.uk (cyber security news and analysis).

While we accept commercial content (i.e. content that people pay us to publish) we also work closely with a number of leading organisations and publications including the UN itself to publish independent research and opinion pieces. In addition our team of experienced journalists and designers create original content designed to inform, inspire and provoke.

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What we do

We promote the sustainable activities that businesses and other organisations around the world undertake.

We do this by using this website to showcase the good that businesses are doing in this area, as well as providing news, analysis and research across the whole of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals.

Our objective is to ensure that any organisations that are genuinely committed to making a difference to humanity and the well-being of our planet are fairly represented and given a chance to explain what they are doing, and why they are doing it, to a wide, international audience.

Business Reporter’s Tom Turnbull (right) hosts a panel with Neville Crawley, CEO of Kiva and Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer of Aviva.

Our editorial partners

We work closely with a number of editorial partners. These include:

  • The United Nations (UN Water, UN Development Programme, UN Habitat)
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • The Commonwealth (Blue Charter)
  • Forum for the future
  • Carbon disclosure project

In addition we work with a number of reputable publications that provide us with topical stories and analysis including Reuters, The Conversation, and Business Reporter.

Our editorial partners supply us with a large amount of readable and highly credible content in the area of sustainability. This content enables us to deliver a comprehensive overview of sustainability issues, and to complement the content that is delivered by our commercial partners which aims to describe the efforts that organisations are making to create a more sustainable planet.