Snowline: a catalyst for personal and social change

Snowline is focussed on meaning, adventure and philanthropy. The organisation offers unique journeys of self-discovery and personal growth to older workers, typically over 50, who are embarking on life changes such as new careers or retirement. These journeys, typically in Nepal and the Himalayas, are designed to challenge employee and boost wellbeing, so that participants return with a new zest for life, inspired and energised.

At the same time, through the Snowline Foundation, the participation in the Snowline programme funds the education of young people who are living in poverty, empowering them to become economically successful and socially included members of society.

The Snowline programme offers a deeply invigorating and life-affirming experience for people who may be asking “What is the meaning of all this? Where do I go from here? What is my purpose?”. Participants are taken completely out of their usual routines and challenged to think and act in different ways. 

The effects of stress, burnout, and loss of motivation after a lifetime of high pressure work, are addressed. New world views are formed, and jaded executives return deeply refreshed, with new inspiration, enthusiasm, motivation and energy for life and work.

To find out more visit the Snowline website or get in touch with them to discuss up coming adventures.