Slightly weird and wonderful ways to live more sustainably

We hear about mainstream ways to be more sustainable again and again; but many unusual eco-conscious initiatives go under the radar.

We are always being given the same advice about how to save the planet: stop using plastic, start recycling, switch to renewable energy and drive less.

Although it makes them no less credible, these top tips are rather predictable now. So here’s how you can take care of the environment in ways that are quirky and less well-known, but no less effective:

Turn your old tee into something you can carry

Make your very own tote bag out of an unwanted t-shirt and be sustainable in style. It’s a lot more simple than you may think: just sew along the bottom and turn it inside out.

Whilst some methods require a sewing machine, or at least a needle and thread, there are easier alternatives, like this YouTube video tutorial shows.

All you need is a t-shirt and a pair of scissors! It’s not time-consuming, and you end up with a bag that’s original, and can be used over and over again. What’s not to love about this underrated craze?

Tidy up your inbox

Do our email habits really have an impact on the environment? They do indeed. One email alone can emit up to 10g of carbon dioxide (CO2).

You should unsubscribe to unwanted mailing lists and declutter your existing emails. It turns out a tidy inbox doesn’t just equal a tidy mind, but a cleaner environment too!

Don’t judge food by its cover

We are all guilty of being picky about the fruit and vegetables we eat. Appearance is importance: many people are put off by slight bruising for instance. But this exacerbates the serious food waste problem we have on our plates today.

Companies have cottoned onto the fact that we must look beyond presentation in order to tackle the food waste crisis. Lidl launched an initiative selling boxes containing 5g of damaged veg for great value at £1.50!

Rejuice have taken reducing food waste a step further. They invite you to join the #FoodWasteRevolution, as they create nutritious drinks out of edible yet ‘wonky fruit and ugly veg’ to save it from being thrown away. Juices and smoothies are a fantastic way to use up damaged fruit and veg, as well as being incredibly healthy.

Will you get rid of your damaged fruit and veg prejudice in the name of the environment? After all, it’s no ‘fig’ deal to alter your preconceptions of food based on the way it looks, but the planet will be ‘berry’ grateful for it.

Wash your hands in cold water

Don’t get caught red-handed heating up the climate. Use cold water to wash your hands instead, as this saves the energy it takes to make the water hot. If everybody adopted this small step, a whole lot of energy could be preserved.

Also, there is often a small waiting period before the water warms up which contributes to water waste. So, this top tip is effective in helping the environment in more ways than one. Whilst it might take some getting used to, the benefits are well worth it.

Rethink your work station staple

Stapleless stapler’s are thing, which is news to me too! Say goodbye to excessive steel waste with this staple-free alternative. Although a tiny metal staple may seem pretty harmless, they drastically build up in landfill.

Popular stationary company Ryman says: ‘There is no need to buy staples again so you are helping the environment as well as saving money’.

As we steer away from unsustainable single-use of products, using a stapleless stapler is a small yet significant way to make an eco-conscious change.

Ultimately, there are endless ways to alter your lifestyle to become more sustainable. Yes, some of these are quite small and you might doubt the actual impact they have on the environment.

But regardless of their individual impact, each gesture adds up to a serious act of investment into a better future for people and planet.

You never know, they could catch on and start new trends. Soon, you might be seeing old t-shirts turned into tote bags everywhere you look!