Affordable housing needs to evolve—the future puts communities first

Daniele Russolillo, COO & Deputy CEO, Planet Smart City

The urbanisation of communities around the world is causing challenges for the most vulnerable members of our society. In its current form, it is creating large impacts from a social and environmental perspective: cities worldwide are responsible for more than 70% of climate change emissions and two-thirds of final energy usage. One of the most significant drivers for this is that property developers around the world have for too long been unable to find a balance between building sustainably following the latest innovation trends on urban living and building affordably. This has created a problem for low-income people who, due to their financial position, are contained within poorly built or overcrowded homes without access to services. Even more worryingly these low-income communities have been served by small, undercapitalised developers who cannot afford to innovate. This has created a relentless cycle of stress, underservice and unhappiness for many communities around the world.

However, there is better way forward. Planet Smart City, the global leaders in smart affordable housing, has developed a unique replicable and scalable format that combines proptech, proprietary research, and a unique understanding of the needs of each local community to build highly tailored large-scale housing projects with a full fledged ESG approach. Driven by its best-in-class Competence Centre in Turin, Planet Smart City’s approach sees the group build new communities in areas with large housing deficits such as India and Brazil. To help empower communities to build better lives, the company draws on more than 200 smart solutions focused on environmental impact, social wellbeing, technological transformation and innovation in architecture and planning.

For example, in Smart City Laguna—the group’s largest project to date—Planet enabled residents to save time, effort and money by introducing a simple Library of Things for residents. Prior to living in Laguna, residents would have had to drive to a nearby town, buy a tool for a high price, and use it a handful of times. By implementing a simple solution like the Library of Things, residents can now borrow tools for pre-booked time and at no cost through the Planet App. This enables people to spend their money on other areas of their life and adds an increasing level of convenience.

Moreover, through the Planet App, residents can access a large portfolio of services built around their needs. For instance Planet Smart City encourages residents to reduce their energy consumption through gamification frameworks. Entering into friendly competition with neighbours to use utilities more efficiently helps to create a more sustainable society and at the same time saves people’s money, providing a great example for your generations.

Planet Smart City is offering a credible option to contribute solving these global issues and, following its latest fundraising round, will continue to deliver new greenfield projects in areas with huge housing deficits around the world.

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