The O2: a vision realised

At the heart of The O2’s success is AEG’s belief that sustainability isn’t just a good practice, it is essential for its business, the planet and the community.

With population density in cities around the world increasing at an unprecedented rate, AEG, the world’s leading sports and live entertainment company, is transforming underused or abandoned inner-city properties into thriving sports and entertainment districts that celebrate each city’s unique culture. The company is widely recognised for pioneering innovative, sustainable revitalisation projects such as The O2 in London, STAPLES Center and LA LIVE in Los Angeles and Mercedes-Benz Arena and Mercedes Platz in Berlin. 

These transformative developments have turned blighted urban sites that are well-served by public transportation into vibrant pedestrian districts that offer a dynamic mix of concerts, sporting events, family shows, blockbuster movies, dining options and more. The projects have redefined their respective cities by creating thousands of local jobs, generating substantial economic growth and serving as the catalyst for adjacent residential, retail and commercial development.

A prime example is The O2. Today, The O2 is not only one of the premier venues in the world, it is interwoven into the fabric of London and has become a place to live, work and celebrate. Reaching beyond neighbourhood boundaries and cultures, the entertainment district brings people together, builds community and embodies the diversity of city life. It has also played a critical role in improving the lives of people in the surrounding neighbourhoods by creating opportunities for local workers, facilitating infrastructure for residents and enabling funding for community programs that help children and youth.

At the heart of The O2’s success is AEG’s belief that sustainability isn’t just a good practice, it is essential for its business, the planet and the community. The O2 hosts millions of guests who expect the venue to be a responsible corporate citizen. AEG and The O2 believe that they need to earn their guest’s respect through their actions.   

The O2’s Good Vibes All Around corporate social responsibility program underscores its commitment to sustainability, accessibility and philanthropy. The initiative aims to reduce the venue’s environmental impact and highlight its positive contributions to patrons and local communities.  

The program is underpinned by AEG’s belief that there is an intrinsic link  between its business and the communities that it serves. With the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as its guide, AEG is using the power of sports and live entertainment to transform urban landscapes by employing environmentally conscious practices.  


The O2: A Vision Realised shows the transformation of a white elephant into an iconic destination.

Find out more about AEG’s sustainability program at aegworldwide.com/about/aeg-1earth.